05 Oct

Online project management software coordinates the monitoring, planning, and controlling of an online project. Depending on the refined operational model the software typically includes, it may include, among others, scheduling, resource management, budget management, quality control, and communication. Most online project management tools are available for every type of business project. It can help project managers take their businesses to the next level.

Among the project management tools that can make this possible are: web based task management, content, branch management, online reporting, and distributed control. Web based task management helps the team to efficiently divide the tasks among the team members with the capacity to perform on-demand or scheduled basis. The web based tools offer the opportunity to automate the various jobs such as assignment of tasks, monitoring, status tracking, creation of task lists, versioning of tasks, merge and branch, and many other tasks.

The employee management software applications for this are built on platforms that facilitate easy management, control, and sharing of information among the team members. For instance, if there is a team meeting, the web-based software applications can be used to schedule the next meeting. Branch management is another feature of the project management system that makes it convenient for the team members to divide their tasks among different branches without any glitches. In short, all the team members are given the same opportunity to do their jobs in the best possible manner.

Online resource management can also be used to track the cost of the projects. By tracking the costs of the different projects, the project team can easily set up a budget for the next phase of the project. Also, with the centralized storage of data and information, managers can save a lot of time, effort, money, and resources. The Microsoft Project Server offers Microsoft Sharepoint, which is an ideal platform for managing company information and projects online.

One other advantage of these online project management tools is that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the internet connection. Thus, you need not be worried about being in different places when you need to check in on the status of your projects. Also, these tools come with mobile apps that allow your team to manage their time more efficiently and accurately. They can simply log in to the tools from their smartphones, tablets, computers, or even laptops.

Thus, the project managers have the option of real-time visibility over the progress of the projects. This is possible because the managers can view the images of the completed tasks, view the subtasks, view the branches, prioritize the tasks, assign priorities, create sub-tasks, etc. Furthermore, they can amend the plans as and when necessary. All these features make the agile project management process more efficient than the traditional method. This not only helps the managers in their day to day tasks, but also makes them aware of what is going on in the organization. Check out this post that has expounded more on this topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_management_software.

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